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Practically Speaking

Wrapping paper is generally a one-time use item. Typically you wrap a present 5 minutes before it is opened, and the paper is immediately tossed into a growing mound of wrapping that will be collected and discarded instantly. How many times have you thought to yourself "Why bother? What a waste of paper, time and money!" Most traditional gift bags use paper with a special coating on it that renders it unable to be recycled.

I know people try to save these bags for multi-use, which is better than tossing after one party, but these bags get wrinkled, crinkled, ripped and torn after a while.

Along comes The Good Gift Bag, a re-useable gift wrap. Watch the recipient open the present (after gushing about how cute the wrapping is), then they'll fold the bag and store it for the next time a gift needs to be given. There's no more hunting for a roll of tape or figuring out who had the scissors last. Can't curl that store bought ribbon? Not a problem…as long as you can tie a knot you can use the Good Gift Bag.

Good to Get, Better to Give

The world is full of beauty and resilience. And we go to great lengths to ensure that The Good Gift Bags are too.

All of our bags are handmade in Boulder, CO from quality fabrics that are 100% cotton. Every bag is machine washable which allows you to use them over and over again. Each seam is carefully sewn with a durable stitch to withstand repeated use. Ribbons are sewn directly onto the bags, and the top hem is finished with a decorative stitch. Ends of the ribbons are sealed to help prevent fraying

So dress up gift giving, and know that you are saving some poor soul from taking out an extra bag of trash after today's celebration. They will pass the bag on and be grateful for a re-useable gift wrap solution. And Mother Earth will thank you.

Giving Back

The Good Gift Bag is pleased to donate 1% of gross profits from your purchase to groups that further the protection of the environment. Making changes in your lifestyle to a more environmentally friendly way is just one way we can help, and donating to groups that are actively protecting and finding new ways to better our world is another. When we all work together, there is so much we can accomplish. At this time, 1% will be going to the Natural Resources Defense Council. We are working on a feature that will give you the opportunity upon check-out to choose from a list of Environmental groups to receive your 1%. Visit our about us page for links to these groups' sites. This feature should be ready in the near future. We hope to soon be able to contribute an even higher percentage of sales.

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